Hello and Welcome!

This questionnaire is designed to gather necessary information needed in our contract but also to help me get to know you better, your needs and wants and to make sure we are the right fit for each other.

If you haven't seen my work so far, please take look at my blog post from the baptism's after party I shot recently here.

You can also view a kids garden/house birthday party here.

If you like what you saw I wanted to point out that this event was mainly documentary style (not posed) and this is the type of photography I feel most comfortable with. I do take posed shots as well but they are not my main priority when shooting at the event. I do not have a second shooter. I am the only photographer that will be at your event and I only use my camera and flash if needed. No separate standing lights.

You will receive pictures I choose and edit on a cd, with a printing release. I use my own sense of aesthetics to edit the pictures and heavy skin retouching is not included in the price. I do remove blemishes if needed and soften the skin a little bit so it doesn't looks harsh but still looks natural. I always include black and white versions of some pictures.

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Cell Phone
I will use this for texting and communication only when agreed on by you. I do not sell this information to anybody.
Your home address not where the event will be taking place
If referred by a person please enter the name here
Name of your significant other/spouse, your child/children along with kid's ages please
Name and location please
I am ok with Zuzanna Mendez to post pictures from my event coverage on her website, fb etc. *
The style? The colors? The black and whites? Something else?