What is A Documentary Family Session?

  Imagine for a moment that time has gone by and your kids are all grown up. You sit on a couch on a cold Winter's night and you reminiscent on how your life has changed over the years. What do you think of? How do you remember your kids and your life in general in the moments that have passed? You know, the ones when you just bought your first house and your local paint store was your daily destination, you and your honey slept on a floor for two weeks but you didn't care. When you were about to become a first time parent and everything was about to change and you were very nervous but excited at the same time. Or when your kids were learning to walk, how they grabbed your hair to calm themselves down, how you kissed their "boo-boos" to make them forget about the painful fall. Was a special Sunday breakfast a thing at your home, with spilled orange juice and daddy's super duper blueberry pancakes everybody was so excited about? How about when you had to read your little one's favorite book for the 100th time! And lets be honest, life is not perfect. Remember the temper tantrums? They were definitely challenging but kind of funny at the same time. Or that (more than) one time that you hid from your children in a bedroom's closet with the last piece of chocolate (I may or may not have done that).

  Documentary sessions also called storytelling sessions capture these moments and the precious details you want to remember, in the honest and natural way as they are happening. No posing, just being yourselves. The cute, the funny and the messy, real you.

 I would love to hang out with your family for the whole or half a day, follow everybody around the house or back yard and just capture your life as you live it. And if you think your life is boring and there is nothing interesting happening for me to photograph? Stop right there. The beauty is in the "ordinary" moments and the connection between people that love each other. If you let me, I can show you. I also realize that sometimes the whole day could not be doable. We can still hang out for 2-3 hrs and do something special. In any case there will be some small guidance during the session. Mostly planning ahead of time and lining a few things to do, something your family does on a typical day or evening. It's about telling the story of your family and life that you have now.

  There are times that there is a special event in your life and you'd like to document that as well. Birthday party or baptism, or visiting an ice cream shop that is a family's yearly tradition. I say yes! I'm there with you! Awesome idea! Let's do this!

If I convinced you already that this type of session is the best kind of session you can have, fill out the form below and let's start talking details!


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