Mama and Me Couch Session | Chicago Lifestyle Family Photographer

 As a mom of 2 girls that are growing way too fast and being a photographer I rarely get in front of the camera. One of my resolutions for this year is to be in the pictures more. This blog post is not about me though, but I would love to have this kind of pictures taken of me and my kids. As moms we tend to take lots of pictures of our little ones but how often do we get to take pictures with our children. And I'm not talking about the posed ones, but real interactions and emotions. Will your grown up kids have something to look back on and see their mom with them? I'm sure going to work on that.

Here is my first brave client with her two, the cutest daughters ever. I just love to see them playing together, reading a book and just showing their affection to each other. Ahhh... Cherish these moments mom!


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